Avoid a Spooky Surprise: Don’t Install a Pet Door on Your Garage Door!

It seems like a perfectly good idea: A garage door pet door gives your dog a chance to roam freely. But you may also be wondering: Are pet doors on your garage door safe? The answer is “no,” doggie doors on garage doors are not safe. While there are some benefits, those benefits are greatly outweighed by threats. Here’s a look at garage door pet doors and why they’re a bad idea at your home.

Risk to Your Pet

Are pet doors safe for your pet? You should want your pet to move away from a moving garage door. When you install a garage door pet door, your dog is likely to become overly comfortable with it. And when the garage door begins to move, your dog isn’t likely to know to move away.

And then there’s the possibility that you engage your garage door while your pet is using the pet door. Your garage door does include a number of safety features, but these features were not designed to shut down operation of the door when a pet using a pet door. There’s no guarantee that your door would automatically stop if it is accidentally engaged while a dog is using a pet door.

Risk to Your Home

Pet doors are often the least secure doors in a home. You may think your pet door is too small for anyone else to enter through, or you may think you live in an incredibly safe neighborhood, and both those things might be true — but it’s no guarantee that a doggie door won’t pose a risk to your home.

Intruders can use a doggie door to gain access to your home, even if they don’t enter through it. They could use your doggie door to gain access to the manual open/close latch, or they could even use it to reach in and steal things within reach. And, while you might live in a nice neighborhood, many brazen criminals target nice neighborhoods simply because they have nice homes with valuable things.

And, finally, it’s not always a human who’s trying to gain access to your garage. The last thing you want is a raccoon or possum taking up residence inside your garage.

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